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Since 1997, MSI has been advising domestic and international clients on a wide range of business affairs deals. Our consultants bring a breadth and depth of business affairs experience that is unique in the entertainment industry.

We have helped established entertainment companies secure critical IP rights, build co-production and distribution partnerships and retain creative talent for feature film and TV projects. MSI’s flexible model allows clients to incorporate our services into their development and production processes or supplement internal capabilities with additional support or expertise only when needed.

MSI also works with companies and individuals that are new to the entertainment industry and need a trusted adviser to help navigate complex industry processes. Our consultants are quick to ensure clients are not being taken advantage of by more experienced companies.


One of MSI’s most valued assets is our expansive network of contacts throughout the entertainment industry. We have close relationships with prominent agencies, studios, international production and distribution companies, talent and broadcast and cable television networks. Our consultants can identify and quickly engage the right partners for our clients.


At MSI, we use our unique position within the entertainment industry to identify high-quality projects we can support as producers. With years of experience helping our clients produce a range of TV shows and feature films, our consultants are adept at moving creative projects through the production process. Our international network of individuals and companies in business and creative roles throughout the entertainment industry allows us to add significant value to the projects we produce.

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